Platinum mall App Download | Get Daily Rs.2200 Cash Bonus

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Let’s discuss today’s article about the Platinum Mall App download. This app offers a chance to earn a daily cash bonus of Rs.1200 through a color prediction game, sometimes referred to as the Platinum Mall Color Prediction Game.

In this game, you predict colors and invest based on a plan, which could lead to you earning Rs.1000. You can start by adding funds to the app, with a minimum deposit of Rs.100. To do this, click on the Recharge option. If you’re interested in playing an online color prediction game, you can download the Platinum Mall App.

The Platinum Mall App is similar to the Daman Games App, and you can play all the games listed in the Daman Games App through Platinum Mall as well. Moreover, the Platinum Mall Referral program is also quite appealing. By registering with Platinum Mall, you can earn money by promoting the app. Within the Platinum Mall app, there is a game called “Wingo” which offers an easy color prediction game. The colors you predict are red and green.

In simpler terms, the Platinum Mall App is a platform where you can play a color prediction game by investing money based on a plan. You can add funds starting from Rs.100, and if you refer others to the app, you can earn through the Platinum Mall Referral program. The game involves predicting the colors red and green.

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