Big Player Apk Download | Get Rs.450 Referral Bonus

Hey there, fellow gamers! This article is just for you. We’re diving into the details of the Big Player Apk – how to download it, snag a Rs.450 referral bonus, and even grab some free Paytm cash. It’s a piece of cake, really. Just head over to our store, get the app, and install it on your Android device. Easy peasy!

So, what’s the deal with the Big Player app? Well, it’s pretty similar to Fiewin and COOE. You’re in the driver’s seat, making predictions about colors like red and green. It’s a bit like Mantri Mall, where you can earn some cold, hard cash just by guessing right.

Got a bunch of rewards piled up? Time to cash out. You can turn those winnings into Paytm cash or other cool prizes. Just make sure you’re being responsible and not going overboard. Gambling and predictions can be fun, but keep it chill and stay within your limits.

Big Player Apk Download

Big Player is a website you can use on your phone. To get started, they’ll send a code to your phone. Once you’re in, it’s all about predicting colors to win money. Just guess if it’s going to be red or green. It’s like a game!

The app has a special thing called a “promotional program.” This means if you tell others about the Big Player app and they use it, you can get some money. To do this, you’ll find your Referral code in the “My promotion” section of the app. Just open the app and look for it there. Then, share that code with your friends.

Big Player App Download Download Now
Big Player Promotional Code 2R1ml1033825
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The Big Player Games App is super handy if you want to earn real money. You can do lots of stuff on the app and earn money without paying anything.

How To Register In Big Player Apk

To sign up, click on the link below or press the button.

Then, type in your phone number and make a strong password. They’ll send you a special code to make sure it’s you

And don’t forget this code: 2R1ml1033825

You’ll get a cool Rs.950 bonus just for joining, like a lucky prize!

Big Player App Refer And Earn


  • Go to your personal account and find the “promotion” section.
  • Get your special link from there.
  • Send that link to your friends.
  • You can tell as many friends as you want, and you’ll earn Rs. 100 for each person! That’s a lot of money!
  • First, log in to Big Player using the app or website.
  • Look at the bottom right corner and tap on “Mine.”
  • Then, tap on “Promotion.”
  • That’s it! You’ll find your own special link there.

How to Recharge to Big Player App


  • Open the Big Player App.
  • Tap on “Add Cash.”
  • Choose how much money you want to put in. If it’s your first time adding money, you’ll get something special.
  • Pay the money using any of the ways they offer.
  • The money will show up in your Big Player wallet by itself. Easy!

In the Big Player Games app, there’s just one game called Color Prediction. But don’t think it’s boring – there are lots of ways to play this color game!

  • Fast Parity
  • Sapre
  • Bcone
  • Emerd

100% Winning tricks to earn money from Big Player Game App

Color Trend Type 1:

  • If you see Red or Green colors coming up again and again, just choose the same color that showed up last time.
  • For example, if Red showed up, pick Red again. If it was Green, then go for Green. You’ll win if you’re right.
  • If the colors stop repeating, meaning the pattern changes, go to Color Trend Type 2.

Color Trend Type 2:

  • If Red and Green don’t keep repeating, here’s what to do:
  • Choose only one color (either Red or Green) and stick with it.
  • Every time you pick, invest three times the money you usually do (use the 3X trick explained below).
  • Keep doing this 3X trick until your chosen color shows up.
  • When you win, you’ll get a big profit on your 3rd or 4th try.

3X Trick (Guaranteed Winning Trick):

  • Always use the 3X Trick to make money on the app.
  • If you win at any time, all the times you lost before will turn into a big profit.
  • Here’s how the 3X Trick works: If your chosen color doesn’t match the result, invest three times the money you did before. This can cover your losses and bring you a big win.

So, with these strategies, you can win 100% of the time in just 2 or 4 tries and get a huge profit.

How to Withdraw Cash From Big Player App

  • Open the Big Player App.
  • On the top, enter the amount you want to take out and send to your bank.
  • Below that, give the info for your bank or UPI ID.
  • Once you finish setting up your KYC, click “Withdrawal.”
  • When the payment is confirmed, your money will go to your bank account. Easy!
Important Note: This game comes with a money risk. It’s possible to become really into this game. So, we want to remind you: play this game knowing it’s your own choice and at your own risk. If you’re not 18 yet, it’s best to avoid this game. Stay safe!

How to Play Colour Prediction Game

  1. You can pick how long you want to play: 1 minute, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Remember, the longer the game, the more time you have to decide, but it needs more patience.
  2. Choose your favorite number or color.
  3. Pick the amount you want to bet and confirm it.


  • If the number or color you picked matches the result, you’ll get a bonus. For colors, it’s 1.92 times your bet (1.92X). For numbers, it’s 9 times your bet (9X).



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