Walmart Club App Download Get Rs.100 Sign Up bonus

Hello, for those who enjoy color prediction games, we’re here to discuss the Walmart Club App and how you can get a Rs. 100 sign-up bonus. With this app, you can play games and make money online. You have the opportunity to create a consistent income, and you can also earn money by inviting your friends.

You can make money by predicting the colors red and green through the Walmart Club App. This app offers a fantastic opportunity to earn money by playing a color prediction game. To get all the details about this Walmart Club App and its games, please read the full article below.

Walmart Club App

If you enjoy playing games, you’ll find the website to be perfect for you. It offers color prediction games where you can win daily. Walmart Club also rewards you with money when you promote it. You can obtain your referral code from the “My Promotion” section in the Walmart Club App and share it with your friends.

Walmart Club App Download Download Now
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How to Register in Walmart Club App

To begin, click on the “Register” button in the Walmart Club App, as provided below:

  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Create a strong password and confirm it.
  • Input the verification code sent to your mobile number.

  • Enter the Walmart Club Referral Code: 2R1ml1033825 and confirm your number with the OTP.
  • Lastly, click on the “Register” button.

Congratulations, you have now successfully registered in the Walmart Club app.

Note:–  इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम का एक तत्व शामिल है और इसकी लत लग सकती है। कृपया जिम्मेदारी से और अपने स्वयं के जोखिम पर ही इसे खेलें । पैसे जोड़ने से बचें, नुकसान के जिम्मेदार आप खुद होंगे |

How To Login On Walmart Club App

  • Visit the Walmart Club App login page:
  • Log in using your mobile number and password.
  • Finally, click on Login Button.
  • Successfully Login in the Walmart Club app

How to Promotion Walmart Club Apk

  • Log in.
  • Click on the “Mine” section at the bottom-right corner.
  • Then, select the “Promotion” tab.
  • You will find your Walmart Club promotion link: 2R1ml1033825.
  • Share this referral link with your friends. When your friends sign up using your referral link, you’ll earn a commission.

How to Recharge in Walmart Club Apk

  • Open the Walmart Club App and tap Add Cash.
  • Select the amount you want to add. On your first deposit
  • Make the payment through any of the available methods.
  • The amount will be reflected in your Lulu Mall wallet automatically.

How do I make money in Walmart Club Apk

  • Fast Parity
  • Sapre
  • Bcone
  • Emerd

If you are new, create a new account. Then use the platform you want to play. E.g. Gameplay, spin wheel, etc.

How to Withdraw Cash From Walmart Club Apk

Withdrawal time: 24 hours, the bank works every day.

  • Start by adding your bank details.

  • Next, select the withdrawal amount you want.
  • Click the “Submit” button.
  • Your money will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 210.

Disclaimer: This game carries financial risks, and it can be addictive. We urge all players to engage in this game at their own discretion and risk. If you are under 18, it’s advisable to avoid playing this game.

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