Emerald Mall Club App Download Get Rs.500 Sign Up bonus

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss the Emerald Mall color prediction app. If you are regular readers of our blog, you must be aware that we bring you the best online earning apps, through which you can earn daily money. In the current time, color prediction games have also become a good method for earning money from home and online earning.

Emerald Mall App Download

To download the Emerald Mall app, you need to first register in the app. We have explained the process for you above, so you can proceed with Emerald Mall login. After that, you will find a “My” button at the bottom. Click on it and then click on the “App Download” option to download the Emerald Mall app. Install it once it’s downloaded.

After installing, you’ll need to enter your mobile number and password to log in. Once you click on the login button, you will be logged into the app.

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Emerald Mall Register

To log in to the Emerald Mall app, you first need to click on the “Click Here” button at the top. When logging in, follow this process:

  • You will see an interface where you need to enter your mobile number first.
  • Below that, you will see “Enter OTP.” Click on it and enter the code you receive on your phone.

  • Next, set your password, which you need to remember since you will use it to log in to the app.
  • After that, you might find an invite code provided. Leave it as it is if you already have one.
  • Finally, click on the “Register” button at the bottom to complete the registration process.

Emerald Mall Colour Prediction Earn Money

To earn money through the color prediction app, it’s important to understand what the color prediction game is and how it is played. If you don’t have much information about color prediction games, you can join our Telegram channel where you can find all the information related to color prediction games and online earning, which will be very helpful for you to earn online.

In the Emerald Mall app, you need to place bets on red, green, and violet colors. Placing bets on these colors can result in double winnings. In color prediction games, you need to bet on a color, and this is the simplest way to play the game. In this game, you can also bet on numbers along with colors, and betting on numbers can give you 10 times the bet amount. For example, if you bet 10 rupees, you will receive 100 rupees if you win. Betting on numbers requires experience in this game.

When it comes to earning money through online gaming, remember that you can also lose money in these apps, so always play with a set budget. Maintain a sufficient balance in your account to increase your chances of earning from daily activities.

Note: The content you provided seems to be discussing color prediction games, which might involve gambling and potentially risky activities. It’s important to approach such activities with caution and be aware of the legal and ethical implications in your region. Always prioritize responsible and informed decision-making.

Emerald Mall Refer And Earn

In color prediction games, you can earn money not only by playing the game but also by referring others. In the Emerald Mall app, you can earn referral bonuses ranging from 150 to 1100 rupees per referral. The amount of the referral bonus depends on the recharges made by your referrals. The more recharges they do, the higher the referral bonus you receive.

Along with the referral bonus, you will also receive betting commissions up to 3 levels. When your downline members register on the Emerald Mall app, recharge, and play games, you receive a percentage commission from their bets. Besides these features, the Emerald Mall app also provides daily and weekly salaries for referring more users. For more information about the salary structure, you can contact Emerald Mall Customer Care.

It’s important to approach these referral and commission-based schemes with a clear understanding of how they work and the potential risks associated with them. Always ensure that you’re participating in legal and ethical activities.

How to Recharge to Emerald Mall

To get started, follow these steps in the Emerald Mall:

  1. Open the Emerald Mall
  2. Tap on the Recharge option.
  3. Select the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Choose a method to add money, like UPI or Bank.
  5. After making the payment, your deposited amount will show up in the Emerald Mall.

How To Withdraw Money From Emerald Mall

For withdrawing Cash In Glory Mall App, You Need To Add Account Details With the Proper Name & IFSC Code, Then You Withdraw Your Winnings Very Easily.

  1. Open the app and find the option called “MY Profile.”
  2. Inside your profile, locate and click on the Withdraw“ option.
  3. Input your bank details as required.
  4. Go to the “Wallet” section of the app.
  5. From there, you can initiate the process to withdraw the money you’ve earned.

Payment Proof of Emerald Mall 

Emerald Mall also offers proof of earnings. They promise to send your payment to your bank account within 1 hour after you request a withdrawal, using IMPS for swift transfers. They’ve shared evidence in the form of screenshots that display the withdrawal amount and the received amount in a bank account. These screenshots serve as confirmation of Emerald Mall fast and reliable payment process.


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